He believes the best buildings emerge from a clear concept, that then finds its way into the DNA of the details.

Best constructions projects also come from a strong working relationship with committed clients and creative consultants who understand the transformational power of architecture. Designing buildings is a process about which he is passionate, leading to a product he hopes others will enjoy.

It is a way of thinking – a way of life – leading to the creation of form and space that is memorable and inspirational.

His approach is based on integrating every project’s context, identity and typical heritage into a new design experience.


Luca Cattaneo provides design services for the events industry. Through his architectural background and technical skills, he is able to translate client’s needs into design and bring the best solutions to lay out spaces for events. The creation of appropriate drawings and plans from the earliest stages, are crucial to develop, understand and transform every functional areas needs, into reality.

Technical Plans are also required for submission to local authorities for approvals. Drawings are also the best way for Technical Project Managers and Site Managers to quantify costs and supervise the construction phases. A successful Event comes from a constant relationship with the different functional areas representatives, professional consultant and providers, in order to translate their needs and knowledge into a performing venue design.


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